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All students must…

  • Possess a foreign (non-Chinese) passport or permanent residency from a foreign country. Per Chinese law, YHIS cannot admit children who are citizens of Mainland China.
Bright Start shoes-

Early Childhood Center (ECC)

When applying to Foundation Class, Junior Kindergarten or Kindergarten, students must be toilet-trained. Students may be evaluated by the ECC teacher or principal to determine school readiness.


Grade Level Placement

Grade Placement Policy for 2017-18 is under revision.

Learning Disabilities

YHIS is not able to meet the needs of students with severe learning disabilities. Parents should inform the school if their child has a known learning disability. YHIS will make every effort to meet the needs of each child it admits.

Parental Presence

YHIS does not offer boarding or home-stay facilities for students.

We believe that parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children. Cooperation between the school and the home is necessary to ensure that students reach their fullest potential. As a result, and in the best interests of the student, YHIS has established the following guidelines concerning residency of parents:

  • At least one parent or guardian must have full-time residency in Yantai or a nearby community.
  • Guardians are only permitted to function in lieu of parents in unusual circumstances with the permission of the school administration.
  • If both parents of a Grade 9-12 student must leave Yantai during the school year but would prefer to leave their child(ren) in the school until the end of the semester, an appropriate guardian must be appointed and school approval must be obtained as soon as possible.
  • An ayi does not constitute an appropriate guardian for a child.

Application Steps

After completing online application form, the documents that you need to submit are as follows:

  • Most recent 2 years of school records in English
  • Copy of student’s passport & visa
  • Copy of Father’s passport & Visa
  • Copy of Mother’s passport & Visa
  • Immunization record
  • Native English speakers entering 3rd-12th grade will be given one assessment which will tell the teacher where the student is academically. *This is not an IQ test or a grade placement test*
  • Non-Native English speakers entering 1st-12th grade will be given one assessment to determine English language proficiency in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • There may be occasions when a non-native English speaker will be given a second assessment to determine where they are academically. *This is not an IQ test*
  • An additional fee may apply for assessment materials used.

Please pay the Tuition Down Payment.


Type of Fee Description    RMB
Tuition Down Payment For new students    10,000
Re-enrollment Tuition Down Payment* If paid before May 28, 2017    5,000
Tuition Fee Foundations 1/2 Day    36.750
Foundations & Junior Kindergarten 5 full days    52,500
Kindergarten    72,450
Grade 1 through 5    126,000
Grade 6 through 8    136,500
Grade 9 through 12    157,500

* The Tuition Down Payment is non-refundable and is an additional part of the Tuition Fee that will reserve a seat in class.

Please note the following instructions:

  1. Please instruct your bank to charge transfer fees to your account
  2. The TT description line must include the following:
  3. Student’s full passport name
  4. Student’s grade level
  5. Initials of the school (“YHIS”)

Option 1: Full Payment

Payment due by Aug. 15, 2017
Tuition Fee RMB
Foundations ½ Day 36,750
Foundations & Jr. Kinder. Full 52,500
Kindergarten 72,450
Grades 1 through 5 126,000
Grades 6 through 8 136,500
Grades 9 through 12 157,500

Option 3: Four Installments

Payments due by Aug. 15, Oct. 16, Jan. 8 and Mar. 19
Tuition Fee RMB
Foundations ½ Day 9,831 (x4)
Foundations & Jr. Kinder. Full 14,044 (x4)
Kindergarten 19,380 (x4)
Grades 1 through 5 33,705(x4)
Grades 6 through 8 36,514(x4)
Grades 9 through 12 42,131(x4)

Option 2: Two Installments

Payments due by Aug. 15 and Jan. 8
Tuition Fee RMB
Foundations ½ Day 19,294 (x2)
Foundations & Jr. Kinder. Full 27,563 (x2)
Kindergarten 38,036 (x2)
Grades 1 through 5 66,150 (x2)
Grades 6 through 8 71,663 (x2)
Grades 9 through 12 82,688 (x2)

Option 4: Nine Installments

Payments due by the 15th day of each month
Tuition Fee RMB
Foundations ½ Day 4,451 (x9)
Foundations & Jr. Kinder. Full 6,358 (x9)
Kindergarten 8,775 (x9)
Grades 1 through 5 15,260 (x9)
Grades 6 through 8 16,532 (x9)
Grades 9 through 12 19,075 (x9)

YHIS Bank Address (for families in China):

Hana Bank Account

学校名称(School Name):

银行名称(Bank Name):

银行账号(Bank Account):


Foreign Bank Information (for families outside of China):

Account Number: 15392101040079958






Country: CHINA


Yantai Huasheng International School

No.100 Jinshajiang Road, Development Area, Yantai, Shandong, China 264000


山东省烟台市经济技术开发区金沙江路100号  邮编264000


  1. Parents are responsible to see that a) payment is properly made, and b) the school is properly notified of payment.
  2. Payment of the Tuition Down Payment is due upon receipt of the school invoice and before the first day of attendance.
  3. Enrollment is not considered complete, nor will a seat be reserved for a student, until the Tuition Down Payment has been received.
  4. All tuition and fees are payable in RMB or U.S. dollars by telegraphic transfer (TT) to one of the bank accounts listed below.
  5. All transfer fees must be charged to your account, not taken out of school tuition. In addition, a bank transfer receipt must be presented to the school office within five days of the transfer.


  1. In case of an early withdrawal with unpaid tuition or fees still outstanding, no school records will be released or transferred nor will academic credit be granted, until that account is paid in full.
  2. All tuition and fees are based on the RMB amount. In the event of a change in the exchange rate, all unpaid tuition and fees that are paid in US$ must be paid at the adjusted rate. The RMB fees will not change. If a change in the exchange rate occurs, you will be notified of the revised US$ amount due.
  3. The Tuition Down Payment is payable annually upon enrollment and is non-refundable.
  4. Tuition is charged and refunded according to full quarters. Once a student has started a quarter, regardless of the number of days attended, full tuition for that quarter must be paid. Tuition is refunded only for full quarters not attended.
  5. No portion of tuition shall me refunded for a student dismissed by expulsion or for disciplinary reasons.
  6. Tuition and fees are non-transferable to another student.
  7. Any student entering the school year during the 1st quarter will be required to pay 100% of the school tuition.
  8. Any student entering the school year during the 2nd quarter will be required to pay 75% of the school tuition.
  9. Any student entering the school year during the 3rd quarter will be required to pay 60% of the school tuition.
  10. Any student entering the school year during the 4th quarter will be required to pay 30% of the school tuition.


What affiliations does the school have?

YHIS is a member school of the International Schools Consortium (iSC). ISC has six member schools in Tianjin, Qingdao, Chengdu,  Wuhan, Wuxi, and Yantai. The schools work together to produce system-wide standards, benchmarks, teacher standards, student support, student development, athletic competitions, and fine and performing arts opportunities.

Does YHIS have a license?

Yes!  YHIS has an international school license for all classes, from ECC through Grade 12, from the Bureau of Education, Shandong Province.

Is YHIS accredited?

A school must exist for one year to enter the accreditation process. YHIS is currently in its first year and actively pursuing accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). We are confident that we will achieve accreditation as we are part of the International Schools Consortium (iSC) and we have the history and knowledge of the requirements necessary to receive accreditation.

Where is the school located?

Yantai, Kaifaqu, at the intersection of Jinshajiang and Tianshan Roads, east side of the campus.

What grade levels will be offered for 2017 - 2018?

Classes beginning August 15, 2017:

3 year old (Foundations)

4 year old (Junior Kindergarten)

5 year old (Kindergarten)

Elementary (Grades 1 – 5)

Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)

High School (Grades 9 – 12)

When will the enrollment for 2017 - 2018 begin?

YHIS accepts applications any time. A new student cannot miss more than weeks of school semester. Late admissions will need to repeat a semester of schooling.

Do you have bus service?

Yes! YHIS is the only private school in Yantai with legal Yellow Bus Service.  These buses are specially equipped for safety, with wide seats and comfortable heating and air conditioning. Parents have the option to purchase bus service. The bus stops at predetermined locations around the city. The bus does not make individual stops. Bus service includes transportation to and from school during the regular school day, as well as, transportation after practices and after school activities. Please call Lillian, bus coordinator, at the school for more information.

What are the teacher qualifications?

Our teachers come from all over the globe: Canada, Russia, Singapore, United States, Korea, New Zealand, etc. They are very familiar with living in another culture and are aware of the students and their own cross-cultural journeys.  All YHIS teachers have earned teaching credentials from countries where English is their mother language and teach in their trained subject areas.

Is YHIS a boarding school?

No, YHIS is not a boarding school.

What world languages are offered?

We teach Chinese 4 days a week for Elementary school and every day for Secondary school.

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Yantai Huasheng International School does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnic origin or gender in its admissions or in any school programs. If you are considering YHIS for your child, we recommend reading through the admissions requirements, paying special attention to timelines and prerequisites.  Please contact us if you have any questions.