Welcome message from the Principal

Greetings and a warm welcome to YHIS!

YHIS exists to serve the international community of Yantai. The goal of a YHIS education is to impact the Head, Heart, and Hands of each student. The Head represents the knowledge the student will attain. YHIS’s ultimate goal is not to have students memorize formulas, dates, facts, etc. but to have students learn how to think and use thinking to become wise and discerning. The development of critical thinking skills is vital if students are to navigate the future they will inherit.

McGavran, Don

Don McGavran

Our second educational goal addresses the development of the Heart. This can also be referred to as character development. Some desirable character traits YHIS looks to develop in each student is: honesty, integrity, kindness, compassion, patience, self-control, wisdom, goodness, and an attitude of life-long learning.

The third educational area to develop is the Hands or the actions taken by the student to impact his/her world. Once a YHIS student is able to think with wisdom and discernment, and has developed his/her character then they are able to impact the world in whatever spheres they are interested in; be it education, engineering, medicine, technology, fine arts, service, etc.

The role of all of our teachers is to help each student combine their critical thinking and character with action because the Head and Heart makes the most impact when Hands are set in motion.

Head + Heart + Hands = SUCCESS!!!

I invite you to visit our campus, meet the teachers and staff, and look through our website. I believe you will find YHIS to be the best school in Yantai for your children.

Kind regards,

Dr. Don McGavran

Head Principal



Yantai Huasheng International School (YHIS) provides a holistic, high-quality international education in a loving environment that cultivates integrity and fosters our students’ potential, equipping them with the global competence to positively influence their world.

Core Values

Safe Environment

  • We believe that a safe learning environment is vital for every child’s learning experience and is made possible by healthy relationships and friendships.

Positive Relationships

  •  We desire to be a community where all students and staff alike are nurtured and appreciated.

Unique Identity

  •  We believe that the value of a human being is not determined by outward appearances, beliefs, or social status. Every human being is uniquely created and has undeniable, intrinsic value.

Prepared to Learn

  • We believe that curriculum is about more than an excellent GPA or a straight ‘A’ report card – it is about the love of learning, asking questions, healthy relationships, thinking outside the box; it is about learning how to think, not what to think.

Prepared for Life

  • We believe in preparing our students not just for college, but for life! Our goal is for our graduates to be men and women of strong moral conviction – grounded in an understanding and appreciation of truth and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to transform society.

Holistic Development

  • While excellence in academics is critical, integrity and good character are equally, if not more important. We believe that a truly successful school must meet the needs of the whole child.

Parents Valued

  •  We value the partnership we have with parents and desire for them to be involved in their child’s education.

Quality Staff

  •  Our teachers bring a wide range of skills, a depth of knowledge, and an excitement to our academic program.

Supported Staff

  •  We desire to provide a work environment characterized by trust, stability, and support, knowing that it enables them to do their best work.


  • We desire to make a positive and lasting impact of service by seeing and meeting the needs of others as we form relationships within the local and global community.

Operational Excellence

  • We believe that all aspects of YHIS, including operations, should be characterized by a commitment to excellence.

Global Learning Outcomes

YHIS students learn to…


  • Love learning and master self-learning skills.
  • Exercise the intellectual virtues of courage, carefulness, tenacity, fair-mindedness, curiosity, honesty, and humility.
  • Express their creativity in pursuits such as art, music, technology, drama, writing, and design.
  • Employ critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems and make rational, ethical, and effective decisions that produce the best results.


  • Appropriately eat, exercise, sleep, and manage stress to maintain lifelong health.
  • Make healthy choices regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Train to increase their strength, speed, endurance, coordination, and agility.


  • Pursue Truth, understanding that an honest pursuit of truth is the foundation of a sound worldview.
  • Articulately support their worldview and understand the worldviews of others.
  • Make daily and life-long decisions consistent with their worldview.
  • Balance busy activity with times of reflection.

Social Emotional

  • Recognize and constructively manage their emotions, for their good and the good of others.
  • Recognize and correctly identify emotions, attitudes, and values in others.
  • Employ interpersonal and social skills and traits to create and maintain positive relationships.
  • Effectively communicate, in English and other languages, using written and verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Collaborate as part of teams in multi-cultural settings, appreciating diverse styles, views, and backgrounds, especially those of the host culture.
  • Demonstrate confidence and a sense of responsibility to society.


  • Establish trustworthiness by demonstrating integrity, honesty, promise-keeping, and loyalty.
  • Show respect for authority, property, and other people, regardless of whether they think it is deserved.
  • Demonstrate responsibility by taking ownership of their words, actions, and attitudes, being accountable for the consequences of their choices.
  • Apply principles of fairness and justice in their interactions.
  • Exercise caring for the well-being of others through compassion, kindness, generosity, sharing, and service.

School History & Governance

Since 1986, International Schools Consortium (iSC) has served the multinational community in China and is among the oldest in China today. iSC has schools in Qingdao, Chengdu, Tianjin, Wuhan, Wuxi, and Yantai as well as schools in the UAE. iSC is a division of the LDi family of companies, an organization committed to leadership development, training, and transformation.  Yantai Huasheng International Education Development Co., Ltd. and iSC partnered in 2015 to build and develop iSC’s seventh international school. In April 2015, YHIS became Yantai’s first English language international school licensed by the Shandong Provincial Government and opened its doors August 9, 2016. YHIS provides expatriate children a Western-style education taught in the English language. It currently serves children age 3 through 12th and is preparing for an accreditation process through Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Proud Member of iSC

Since 1986, International Schools Consortium (iSC) has served the multinational community in China and is among the oldest in China today. iSC is a division of the LDi family of companies, an organization committed to leadership development, training, and transformation.

In our schools are children of diplomats and business people, some freshly arrived, some having been abroad for most of their lives. We are proud to offer an American-based curriculum with an international focus, providing a solid foundation in both education and character. Our curriculum prepares students to achieve their goals and to impact their communities around the world. Click HERE for the iSC Fact Sheet.