Principal's Message

World Community, Welcome! to Yantai Huasheng International School (YHIS).

I have had a lifelong calling to educate and serve students from around the world. I was born and raised in the small town of Hope, Indiana in the United States. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a Master’s degree in education in the United States. I have worked in both American and International schools for 29 years and have a passion for all stages of child development.

Unique gifts
I believe all students, from age 3 to 93, are uniquely gifted and designed for a purpose. As no two flowers are alike, so are no two people are alike. I believe it is our job as educators not only to pass on knowledge, but also to impart wisdom that guides our students in reaching and developing their God given potential. In discovering their gifts and abilities, our students will be equipped to follow the path they were designed to take, to enter the field of study or workplace most suitable to their gifts and abilities. Therefore, at YHIS, we support each child to develop their natural gifts and abilities at an age-appropriate level. Our students are exposed to the best of a broad-based international education. We do this by giving our students opportunities, choices, and possibilities.

Our students interact with professional and passionate foreign and national teachers on a day-to-day basis. Many of our staff hold a Master’s degree in Education. As a school, we believe in taking the best educational research and putting it into practice in our classrooms. Research has clearly shown that the teacher-student relationship has the greatest impact on student learning. As such, our teachers are more than just educators – they are mentors, coaches, and counselors. We judge our success on the success of our students.

As a proud member of the International Schools Consortium (iSC), The East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and the Association of Chinese And Mongolian School (ACAMIS), students of YHIS have multiple opportunities to be part of a larger community. From traveling to key cities in China to participate in sports tournaments, Model United Nations, fine arts festival, student leadership conferences, science fair, and senior departure seminar, etc., our schools are hubs of excellence and deep learning. We strongly encourage our students to pursue these opportunities during their time at YHIS. Our teachers also collaborate with other schools in our network in order to bring out the best in each student.

We desire to guide our students to become individuals who are passionate about learning and leading for their lifetime. At YHIS, every student is first a leader of self before they are leaders of others. Leadership runs deep in the culture of YHIS and our parent community. Secondary students are given the opportunity to serve as leaders on either the MS or HS Student Council (STUCO) as well as after school activities and clubs. Students are provided with opportunities across a range of platforms to develop and hone their leadership skills as they become individuals of excellence and influence who are deep thinkers and confident communicators.

Students are the hope of the future, and providing them with the right attitude, skills, wisdom and knowledge are crucial to their future success in whatever field they choose to enter. At YHIS, our key emphasis and commitment is to the students; therefore, we judge our success on our students’ success. When they succeed in life, we are successful.
If you desire to pursue a world-class international education in a community of educators that will stop at nothing to ensure your child’s success, schedule a visit to our campus and consider joining us in this endeavor.

I look forward to welcoming you to our YHIS community.

Elliot Miller
Head of School