Angela Ma

I am from Rizhao, also a coastal city like Yantai in Shandong province and near to Qingdao. I graduated from Yantai university with a master's degree in English literature. Having studied in Yantai for 7 years, I have grown to love this city. Before joining YHIS, I worked as a part-time English teaching assistant in a downtown kindergarten. I love Children and are passionate for education. I have two teacher certificates in HS English and MS music. I am excited to be part of YHIS and eager to learn how to be a good teacher in YHIS. In my spare time, I love listening to music, traveling, and taking photograph. I also enjoy cakes, coffee, reading, or chatting with friends during tea time.

Angela Ma
Music Teacher

M.A. English Literature, Yantai University
Teacher Certificates in HS English and MS Music