Sheena Xiao

I am from Wuhan and graduated from South-Central University for Nationalities in 2010 with a degree in Electronic Commerce. After graduation, I went to Shanghai to study for my masters in Labor Economics. I moved to Yantai after getting married as I was attracted by the nice climate and beautiful scenery here. I got my first job in the Jerry Group, working as an English translator. After having my baby, I felt a strong sense of achievement in teaching my son to sing in English. This resulted in me becoming a kindergarten English Teacher in a Training Center for nearly two years. I enjoy spending time with younger children, and teaching children has become my dream vocation. I am excited to be part of YHIS.

Sheena Xiao
Wuhan, China

B.B.A. Electronic Commerce, South Central University for Nationalities
M.S. Labor Economics
National English Teacher Certificate for Elementary School
TESOL Certificate