Student Services


Learning Support

The Learning Support team is committed to seeing every child have the opportunity to learn and grow. The YHIS Learning Support office provides various levels of academic support based on individual student needs. The office collaborates with teachers to identify students in need of learning support, implement classroom strategies and interventions to support student learning, and monitor student progress. The Learning Support office may also refer students for psychoeducational testing and coordinate a team of parents and teachers to develop a student-centered learning plan based on the unique goals and needs of the student.

Mary Vars
Learning Support Coordinator

School Counseling

At YHIS, we believe in a holistic approach to education through developing students in academics, strong character, social skills, and emotional wellness. One way YHIS is supporting this growth is through the School Counselor and counseling services. Counseling is offered to any students seeking social and emotional growth or by request of parents and teachers.

Counseling aims to guide students in growing confidence, social skills, and behavior development. The School Counselor implements this development through individual meetings with students, teaching social and emotional lessons in classes, meeting with teachers to create behavior plans, and meeting with parents for support as needed.

If you have concern for a student, please contact the School counselor by email at, or fill out the referral form by scanning the QR code provided here.

Diana Holden
Director of Student Services

English Language Support

Yantai Huasheng International School is committed to excellence and believes all students can reach their highest potential through a quality education program.

Therefore, our English Language Support (ELS) Department works diligently to ensure that all students are offered the proper English support to succeed.

We celebrate that many of our students are doing something unique and challenging by receiving an education in a non-native language!

Click for more information about our ELS program

Kihong Kim
ELS Coordinator

College Counseling

At YHIS, we see college as an important next step for our students as they move towards becoming global influencers. We provide career counseling services to all secondary students (middle and high school) to help them evaluate their strengths, aptitudes, and interests as they consider their future career path. We hold an annual Career Fair where experts from a variety of fields come and share about their career experiences with our students. We also take field trips to local businesses to help students explore a variety of careers and experience what the workplace is like.

As students move from middle school into high school, career counseling shifts to college counseling as students begin to consider college or university. We offer one-on-one college counseling, as well as seminar classes for high school juniors and seniors, to assist them in that process. We also monitor student progress in both academics and standardized testing to provide support as needed. Our goal is for all students to decide a field of study that suits their future career goals and for them to be well-prepared university candidates.



YHIS University Planning Overview

10th Grade

• Take the PSAT/NMSQT
• Explore extra-curricular interests (sports, clubs, service, etc.)
• Visit potential college websites
• Meet with the college counselor to discuss the college planning process

11th Grade

• Review your graduation progress
• Take the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL as necessary
• Obtain recommended reading lists for summer reading and college preparation
• Plan campus visits
• Create a list of universities that you would like to apply to
• Begin writing college application essays

12th Grade

• Review your transcript
• Begin applying to colleges
• Complete scholarship and financial aid applications
• Take the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL as necessary
• U.S. citizens file the FAFSA for financial aid (available in January)
• Decide which college to attend