Christmas Joy - December 25

Christmas Day, on December 25, is celebrated in more than 160 countries around the world. It is a time of celebration, a time of family, and a season of cheer.

YHIS families represent many cultures and this day is celebrated in many ways. At our 5th Annual Christmas Concert, we celebrated “Christmas Joy”. There is much joy in the air as we celebrate the safe arrival of our students and foreign staff in difficult circumstances. Though not all are back yet, we must celebrate the progress that has happened over the 2020/21 school year and how we were able to keep running the YHIS experience, despite the challenging conditions. The anticipation in our hearts has brought about much reason to be joyful.

The concert was made possible with the hard work of many individuals. Thank you, Ms. Lexi Forstrom, for making it possible. Thank you, Ms. Angela Ma, and the class teachers for preparing the students.

As 2020 draws to a close, we wish all staff, students, and parents a joyous Christmas and a safe and bright new year!