Joan Liu

I grew up in Heilongjiang province and majored in Computer Science and Marketing. After graduating from Heilongjiang University, I worked in Shanghai for eight years and gained a broad range of experiences by working in both multinational companies and Chinese companies in a variety of positions.

After I moved to Yantai, I started to work and accumulate rich experience of administration and communication in many industries. However, as a mother of an 11 years old girl, I also realized the importance of education as my daughter grew up, so I went back to school to gain a teacher’s certificate and devote myself to becoming an educator. I’m very grateful for being able to join YHIS family. This is where I feel stisfied joining and contributing my value to serve teachers and students. I like reading, dancing, and foreign culture, which enrich my life experience and make my heart stronger.

Joan Liu
Operations Manager

Computer Science and Marketing, Heilongjiang University