Sheena Xiao

I am from Wuhan and graduated from South-Central University for Nationalities in 2010 with a degree in Electronic Commerce. After graduation, I went to Shanghai to study for my masters in Labor Economics. I moved to Yantai after getting married as I was attracted by the nice climate and beautiful scenery here. I got my first job in the Jerry Group, working as an English translator. After having my baby, I felt a strong sense of achievement in teaching my son to sing in English. This resulted in me becoming a kindergarten English Teacher in a Training Center for nearly two years. I enjoy spending time with younger children, and teaching children has become my dream vocation. I am excited to be part of YHIS.

Sheena Xiao
ECC Associate Teacher
Wuhan, China

B.B.A. Electronic Commerce, South Central University for Nationalities
M.S. Labor Economics
National English Teacher Certificate for Elementary School
TESOL Certificate