Keeping Active, Keeping Safe

Life in Yantai is slowly getting back to "normal." As we look forward to the start of school on August 31, 2020, we are working to provide as many of the typical fall activities as possible, while keeping students and staff safe. In addition, we are working with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office to obtain permission for our teachers and their families to return to Yantai as soon as possible.

Below are details about both our Elementary and Secondary programs, as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please let us know how we can support you.


When school starts on Monday, August 31, many of our students will be on campus at YHIS, while others will still be waiting to return to Yantai. For those reasons, YHIS will offer both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

When our teachers teach in person to students in the classroom, that's considered synchronous instruction. When teachers Zoom in and talk live with students who are in the classroom or on Zoom, that's also considered synchronous.
Because many of our students are spread around the world in different time zones, we also offer asynchronous instruction. If your time zone or schedule won't allow you to be in person or on Zoom at the same time as our teachers, you will especially benefit from our asynchronous instruction.

YHIS is staffed with highly qualified teachers who are ready to teach and engage with students in both synchronous and asynchronous instruction.

Will there be after-school activities and athletic competitions?
Yes. Campus activities and tournaments will continue. We will monitor the local health and travel conditions throughout the year in order to give students the most educational opportunities in a safe environment.
Will there be Fall Camp?
Yes. Some modifications will be made to ensure a safe and successful experience at camp.