The YHIS Story


烟台华圣外籍人员子女学校 (烟台华圣国际学校YHIS) 是烟台第一所获得山东省政府许可的英语国际学校,是一所独立的、男女同校的国际学校,提供从幼儿园到高中课程。自2016年开学以来, 烟台华圣国际学校开学首日入学人数持续增加, 从2016年的121名学生,增加到2017年的145名学生和2018年的166名学生。我们的学生来自国际社区,会在一年中不同的时间段有入学需求。为支持学生入学,我们的入学申请从8月中旬至次年6月中旬滚动开放,学生可随时申请入学。

使命 & 愿景


烟台华圣国际学校 (YHIS) 提供具有全球思维、由内而外转变式的全人教育, 培养对社会有积极影响力的、充满活力的、真实和诚信的卓越人才。



Our learning outcomes

From your first day to graduation.

  • I treat myself and every person with intrinsic value and purpose.
  • I strategically use the gifts and talents that I have to accomplish bigger purposes.
  • I look for deeper meaning and explanations, and I am not content with appearances or easy answers.
  • I investigate and explore by asking questions and critically thinking about the answers.
  • I am eager for authentic knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.
  • I refuse to let others do my thinking for me or cheat myself out of learning opportunities.
  • I can see and understand people, things, or situations clearly.
  • I use knowledge to make wise choices and judgments, speak the truth, and live with integrity.
  • I value people, and so I invest in communication, language learning, and understanding the cultures in which I live.
  • I collaborate effectively and respectfully with people from any culture.
  • I build and maintain healthy relationships with others in my lives.
  • I show empathy for others and look for ways to make a difference.
  • I listen carefully and think deeply to determine the best response or action.
  • I know how to speak perceptively about what I believe.
  • I take risks and boldly do what is best.
  • I am willing to ask questions and make mistakes.
  • I persist in thinking, inquiring, and discussing even in the presence of threat or fear.
  • I have an accurate picture of my abilities, thinking neither too highly or too lowly of myself.
  • I acknowledge my limitations and my need for help, as well as accept criticism and demonstrate a teachable spirit.
  • I demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • I make available my gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm to serve the needs of those around me.
  • I show love towards the world around me by being a responsible caretaker of our resources.


  • I strive for excellence and practice diligence to get things right; I don’t give up.
  • I respectfully communicate until I am understood and question until I understand.
  • I approach challenges with tenacity, creativity, and thinking.