Our campus

flags hanging up at yantai huasheng international school about all the nations represented on campus

With 20,000 square meters of purpose-built facilities, close to the airport and only 2km from the beach, our campus is hard to beat.

yantai huasheng international school campus auditorium with purple chairs

Designed for learning

Our students have the privilege of utilizing 50+ contemporary classrooms, an expansive library, a dedicated STEM classroom, science labs, a VEX robotics lab, and art and music studios, and more.

yantai huasheng international school campus grounds aerial view of track and field

Geared for achievement

Our campus is equipped with a state-of-the-art indoor gymnasium with a swimming pool, outdoor soccer and basketball fields, a performance suite housing spaces for choir and band activities, as well as a dedicated theater for music and drama performances. This infrastructure not only supports academic growth but also encourages experiential learning beyond traditional classroom settings.

yantai huasheng international school campus cafeteria with food on a stick enjoyed by a young male student

Cultivated for community

Providing a platform for meaningful interactions, our campus features a welcoming onsite coffee shop and 200-seat cafeteria. These spaces are carefully designed to facilitate connections and create opportunities for students, staff, and visitors to develop stronger relationships

A special encounter

Book a personalized tour of Yantai Huasheng International School and experience this life-changing community for yourself.

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