Shirley Hinnings

I was born and raised in Durban, South Africa, I am the eldest of three daughters. I am married to my wonderful husband, Ryan. In my free time I love to go on outings and adventures with my husband. I also enjoy doing crafts such as designing and printing on various items.

A Few of my favourites:
• Colour: rose gold
• Season: South African winter
• Fruit: watermelon
• Sweets: orange chocolate
• Holiday: Christmas

Teaching is an absolute passion of mine! I am excited to work with you and your child. It’s going to be a year full of fun, learning, and lots of adventures! I am inspired to educate and learn from my students and strive to do my best for their well-being. I look forward to learning and exploring Yantai’s beauty.

Shirley Hinnings
Kindergarten Teacher
South Africa

B.A. Education, Embury Institution for Teaching Education, South Africa