Bilingualism at YHIS

Chinese Language Program

YHIS offers a robust Chinese language program to students of all levels. Our native Chinese teachers challenge students to speak, understand, read, and write in Chinese, as well as understand and appreciate the many different aspects of Chinese culture and history. The Chinese Language Program aims to help students gain their academic achievement as well as achieve real-life language skills.

The Chinese Department has published an anthology “MENG YA”, a collection of students’ literacy works. This anthology represents the learning spirit of our students who continue to grow in their use of the Chinese Language.

Beginner Level

In the beginning Chinese class, students build up their vocabulary and learn conversational Chinese, while they are also trained to master the basic Chinese language skills like pinyin and tones. Upper elementary kids further increase their vocabulary by reading stories from textbooks and storybooks. And, as they learn more and more characters, they gradually transition from reading and writing pinyin to reading and writing characters. Secondary students focus more intensely on learning characters. To move up to the intermediate class, they need to be equipped with a lot of characters, a bigger vocabulary, and Chinese grammar and sentence structures. They also practice their speaking by doing speeches.

Intermediate Level

This course focuses on daily talking and simple Chinese writing. Students will learn additional Chinese characters and begin reading easy stories. Another important goal of this course is to help students have a basic understanding of Chinese culture. The majority of materials being used in this course is culture-oriented. This course also aims to help students master the basic grammar of the Chinese language so that they are able to speak and write grammatically correct, which will lay a firm foundation for their further study in the Chinese language. As the students’ language ability grows, this course will also aim to help them develop their critical thinking ability and moral characters. Students who take this course will be given opportunities to think and discuss many global and cultural controversial questions and to share their own opinions on some important social phenomenon.

Advanced Level

Designed for students who have mastered the fundamentals of the Chinese language and are now ready to apply his/her ability in a wide variety of topics. This course is conducted in Mandarin Chinese and aims to help students solidify their ability to strengthen Chinese listening, writing, reading, and conversational skills as well as introducing Chinese history and literary works. The course also emphasizes the use of appropriate formats, varied vocabulary, and complex language structures within student communication, both oral and written. Additionally, the student will be given a deeper insight into Chinese culture and history as well as their Chinese language ability improving.