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High School students at Yantai Huasheng tailor their learning and deepen their knowledge through a wide choice of world-class subjects.

A warm welcome from our Principal

tobin holden Secondary Principal yantai huasheng international school staff

Welcome to High School at Yantai Huasheng International School!

During these years, we hope to develop, challenge, enlighten, and transform students as they continue to discover who they are and aspire towards their future goals. Our goal as educators is to meet students where they are, both academically and socially, to aid them in becoming lifelong learners and world-changers. We hope that every student will leave Yantai Huasheng knowing that they have purpose, that they are loved, that they are cared for, and that they are valued.

High school is a rigorous college-preparatory program, with graduates pursuing higher education in countries around the world. We offer 14 different Advanced Placement® (AP) courses for students who wish to explore college-level academic subjects. We also welcome students who are interested in athletics, technology, and the arts (both visual and performing), and offer courses to develop their talents and showcase their abilities and creativity. As a team, we want to work with students as they develop 21st-century skills that prepare them for advanced study and careers in an ever-changing world. Through their time spent as part of our Yantai Huasheng community, both in and out of the classroom, we challenge our students to become critical thinkers and effective communicators.

To those who already have children in high school at Yantai Huasheng International School, thank you for sharing your students with us. To those who are looking at Yantai Huasheng as a potential school for your child, I hope that you take some time to consider walking down the road of education with us in the near future. We’d love you to join us as part of the family.

Tobin Holden

Secondary Principal

Bringing the curriculum to life

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Advanced Placement® (AP)

Dedicated to each student's academic and personal triumph, we recognize the significance of a proven curriculum like Advanced Placement® for their success. AP courses foster vital skills: critical thinking, confidence, time management, and study proficiency essential for college achievement.

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Academic rigor

By working with our team of dedicated, world-class teachers, students not only acquire vital knowledge in their classes—they learn the essential tools for successful learning. Our rigorous approach gives students the very best preparation for higher education.

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University and career planning

Our goal is to help each student find a field of study that best prepares them for their future career. As so many university options exist, we personally assist students as they navigate their choices. We also monitor every student’s progress closely to encourage their learning and academic achievement.

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Student leadership

Opportunities to grow as a leader are central to our secondary program. Students starting in Grade 6 have chances to explore their own passions and grow into leadership positions. Student Council members, individual internships, service projects, and more that students wish to pursue are supported by their teachers.

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Learning beyond lessons

Co-curricular activities offer students the motivation to learn, build confidence, develop their character, grow physically, and nurture their creativity. Students who are involved in co-curricular opportunities also become more invested—socially and academically—in their overall school experience.

Student experiences

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Our students explore China and their place in our world. From the heights of Yunnan to the ancient walls of Xi’an; from developing a global worldview to selfless acts of service to others; our students deeply connect with China and others. Excursions and trips in high school include week-long spring trips to different parts of China; Student Council Youth Retreat; Science Fair in Chengdu; Fine Arts Festival in Tianjin, sports tournaments around China; and LifePlus Service Learning Trips around China and beyond.

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We recognize many students and parents have an interest in athletics and firmly believe that the athletics program is an essential part of the development of the whole person. Physical activities also play an important role in enhancing students’ school accomplishment. By participating in athletics programs, students have opportunities to develop responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork, and character, etc. We run athletics programs by seasons: Spring, Fall, and Winter with soccer, volleyball, and basketball respectively.

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University entrance exams

As a SAT® (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and AP® (Advanced Placement) testing center, we offer the full suite of assessments by the College Board for students seeking college or university admission around the world.

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More through partners

A world of learning opportunity is made available to our students when they elect to take other high school courses offered by our hand-picked selection of partners. For example, dive into university courses and develop your skills through our dual-enrollment initiative with Grand Canyon University; or learn with other students from around the world in additional AP courses provided by the LifePlus Online Academy.

Next steps on the learning journey

To date, every single Yantai Huasheng International School graduate has been accepted into a degree program. Our students have gone on to study a wide variety of subjects, such as dentistry, teaching, engineering and various fields of medicine, at universities around the world including…

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University Guidance Counseling

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College is a critical stage in life, and we recognize the role we play in equipping and encouraging every student to go and make a positive impact in the world.

To guide and prepare our students for further study and growth beyond Yantai Huasheng, we provide them with one-on-one college counseling.

This helps each student find a major that will best serve their future. Armed with up-to-date knowledge about prestigious colleges across the world, we help them to narrow down the list of colleges they’re aiming for and find the ones that best match their aspirations.

Our high school students’ academic performance and standardized testing grades are monitored regularly to encourage them in their progress, help them improve, and provide them with everything they need to become a stronger candidate.

We also recognize the importance of parent support, so we collaborate with parents to bring out the best in their child. Our goal is to foster students’ growth by exploring their options, bringing out their best, and opening up new opportunities for life after Yantai.

Our High School teaching team

stephanie carpenter HS Math at yantai huasheng international school
Stephanie Carpenter

HS Math

Alana Carson

HS English Language Arts

Elmer Dominguez

HS Science

andrew them HS Science at yantai huasheng international school
Andrew Tham

HS Science

nozipho hlapolosa HS Social Studies yantai huasheng international school teacher
Nozipho Hlapolosa

HS Social Studies

Matthew Whiteford

HS Social Studies

Mike Moss

Athletics Director/HS Social Studies

Arden Ning

HS Science

Ryan Hinnings


elina kim College and Career Counselor yantai huasheng international school staff
Elina Kim

College and Career Counselor

Paul Bower

Fine Arts

Lexi Forstrom

Fine Arts

Bonnie Zhong

Fine Arts

Ling Bower

Fine Arts

Recognized for excellence

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Yantai Huasheng International School is accredited by Cognia, the largest education improvement organization in the world—demonstrating our commitment to learners, teachers, leaders and communities.

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