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Our middle school students enjoy a variety of new learning experiences, and receive all the support they need to grow and mature well.

A warm welcome from our Principal

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Welcome to Middle School at Yantai Huasheng International School!

The middle school years are full of transition and change. Our goal as educators is to meet students where they are, both academically and socially, to aide them in becoming lifelong learners and world-changers. We hope that every student will leave Yantai Huasheng knowing that they have purpose, that they are loved, that they are cared for, and that they are valued.

Children between the ages of 10–14 experience tremendous physical, social, and cognitive growth. We are first and foremost an academic institution, but we take great care to help students reach their full potential as their minds, bodies, and social circles expand. We recognize that while middle school serves as a bridge between elementary and high school, there is so much more richness and depth that is necessary in the middle school experience.

To those who already have children in middle school at Yantai Huasheng International School, thank you for sharing your students with us. To those who are looking at Yantai Huasheng as a potential school for your child, I hope that you take some time to consider walking down the road of education with us in the near future. We’d love you to join us as part of the family.

Jonathan Van Santen

Secondary Principal

Bringing the curriculum to life

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In 6th grade science, students explore the Earth's structure and its place in the universe by working individually and in groups. They look at space, weather phenomena, geology, energy resources, and tectonic plates. Students in 6th grade are introduced to the processes of gathering and analyzing scientific data, creating models, and formal nonfiction writing.

7th grade Science is an overview of common strands in physical science that involve the various forms of energy. Students learn how this energy affects chemical and physical changes, chemical interactions, properties of light and matter, and motion and forces. Students connect the scientific inquiry processes to everyday problem solving through culmination projects in which they apply the concepts they have learned. Through these projects, they also develop organizational and communication skills as they share their findings. Additionally, students reinforce their observation and analytic skills through hands-on and virtual labs.

8th grade Science focuses on Life Sciences and introduces the concept of scientific inquiry through laboratories. It examines the wonders of living organisms and the complexity of cellular structure and function, organization of living organisms, and the interaction of life forms. Students are able to apply this scientific knowledge to their daily life and discuss its effect on the world at large. The highlight of 8th grade is the study of body systems through hands-on labs, dissections and guest speakers.

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English language arts

English Language Arts are an integrally important part of our middle-level program that all students study. Students are challenged to grow from their individual starting points: in their speaking, listening, reading and writing. All of which are necessary in preparing for future success at high school. Our program uses a balanced mixture of non-fiction and fiction, and places a heavy emphasis on writing and grammar.

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6th grade math combines the practice of foundational math skills with an exploration of basic pre-algebraic and geometric concepts. Topics include whole number operations, integer, decimal, fraction, percent computation, variables and variable expressions, data displays, congruence, similarity, and geometric figures.

In 7th grade, students begin Pre-Algebra by reviewing negative numbers and variables. The focus of the course then shifts to solving equations, starting with simple one-step equations and building to more complex, multi-step equations. Additional topics include fractions, rates, ratios, proportions, percentages, probability, data displays, and geometry, with an emphasis on the inclusion of variables. To prepare students for Algebra, we cover linear equations and basic graphing techniques.

In 8th grade, Algebra I builds on the work accomplished in Pre-Algebra. Students explore increasingly complex linear functions and equation and inequality manipulation including solving systems of equations and inequalities. Students also explore exponential and quadratic equations, FOILing and factoring, and properties of exponents. Geometry

Geometry introduces and explores logical and spatial reasoning through the use of both inductive and deductive reasoning. Two-column proofs are introduced and applied to prove lines parallel and triangles congruent. Algebra is a necessary prerequisite for this course, as students often use geometric principles to set-up and solve algebraic equations, as well as graph lines. Additional topics covered in this course include the Pythagorean Theorem, similar triangles, relationships in triangles, properties of quadrilaterals, the area of polygons and circles, trigonometric ratios, and surface area and volume of geometric solids. Connections are made between the concepts and their applications in the real world.

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Visual arts

We introduce students to the elements and principals of design, and teach basic drawing painting and sculpting skills so they can understand process and materials. Our goal is to help students move through the stages involved in creative problem solving, idea generation and artistic expression.

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Performing arts

Middle School choir is a class where Grade 6-8 students come together to share the joy of singing. We learn vocal technique, music theory, and sight-singing as we explore a variety of songs and choral literature—developing musical abilities both as individuals and as part of a group. Our Middle School choir performs twice every year at Christmas and Spring concerts.

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Physical education

Our PE program gives students a physical outlet during the school day, and teaches them important skills for enjoying recreational and competitive athletics. Students learn more about strength training and cardiovascular health in our our fitness room; whilst classes held in our gym and sports field create an inclusive atmosphere where students can try new sports and build their confidence.

Student experiences

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We have a fantastic athletics program that grows our students in the knowledge of the sport and then teaches them how to compete at their highest levels. In middle school, every student enjoys equal playing time in games and tournaments. The emphasis is on students learning the rules, skills, and strategies of the sports they’re playing: soccer, volleyball and basketball.

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Concerts and performances

Public performance is a fantastic way for young learners to develop confidence, and is an integral part of our program. Throughout the year, Middle School students showcase what they’re learning for peers and parents at seasonal performances in the winter and spring. Our students develop a strong appreciation of the community, character, and creativity that are built by singing, playing, and creating music together.

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Clubs are a great way to help develop well-rounded students. We sponsor a number of activities that give Middle School students an opportunity to explore and excel in a particular sport, hobby, or area of interest such as… Reading Club; Model United Nations; Newspaper/Yearbook; Engineering; Science Fair; Science Journal Reading; Pep Band; Robotics; 3D Printing; Fashion Magazine Club; and Ceramics.

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