YHIS Spirit Week Ideas - April 23

From April 12 to 16, unique and original fashion styles surrounded YHIS. Students and staff members excitedly participated in the Spirit Week and dressed themselves up according to the daily themes.

Pajama Day called upon the start of the Spirit Week. On a cold and dreary Monday, Students wore their sleeping clothes to school and had fun looking at each other’s unique pajamas, such as animal pajamas, plaid pajamas, and various styles of pajamas.

Twin Day was the day for students to dress up the same as their friends as if they were real twins. Twins had the same clothes, same hairstyles, and even the same socks! Students were excitedly finding out the most identical twins.

Wacky Tacky Day was the third day of Spirit Week when students intentionally dressed weirdly. The school was filled with strange and innovative fashion styles. Socks were worn out, hairs were tied crazily, and shirts didn't match with pants.

Zebra Day was the day that students wore clothes like a zebra with only white and black. Some students chose to dress in solid black or solid white. Others went with black and white stripes like a zebra. White and black covered the school on that day.

Character Day was the last day of Spirit Week, which fueled the flames of school spirit as the highlight of the event. Students dressed up wearing dresses of the Disney princesses, costumes of famous movie characters, and distinctive clothes to represent book characters.

The Student Council believes that Spirit Week was a marvelous opportunity for students to unite and actively demonstrate their school spirit!

Written by: Elly Y. (10th) Student Council Secretary